ArtStack: the latest social art sharing website

Have you signed up for the latest social site ArtStack? ArtStack allows you to collect, ‘stack’ and share your passion with other art lovers online. And, I must say, it is a highly addictive way to discover new art and artists, as well as, to flaunt your artsy. The site turns you into an instant curator, building virtual collections, archiving exhibitions and posting works from up-and-coming artists.

The social site ArtStack functions similarly with the hugely successful site, Pinterest without all the consumerist hype. In that ArtStack is generally themed (artist, medium, year, collection, dimension, exhibition) so stacks can be easily organized, categorized, and discovered by other users.  ArtStack acts as a personalized media platform, whereby your content, as well as, anyone else’s uploaded stack shows up on the main page that all viewers can see. Users can then save their favorite stacks to one of their own stack using the ‘stack it’ button. Content can also be found outside of ArtStack and uploaded via the ‘ArtStack’ button that can be downloaded.

Indeed ArtStack is a picturesque, visual water cooler where people ‘stack’ to personal collections to express themselves. Yet, I hope the fantasy art collection social site doesn’t run into some of Pinterest’s early pit falls. The fast-growing social network quickly became a haven for copyright infringement as members pinned photos without crediting to its creators.

I understand, attribution politics might be somewhat different, as most Stackers will most likely want to show off their knowledge of the art world by accurately citing the artworks’ maker and where they found it. Yet, museums and galleries with coveted collections might want to keep images of their artwork within the confinement of their web site and museums, due to copyright restrictions.

Since, the site is still in its infancy I am assuming a share-to-stack button (similar to Pinterest’s), on artsy web sites (galleries, museums, artist sites) will ensure all Stackers correctly attribute images being plucked from the web.

I think young ambitious artists looking to promote their artwork would be wise to Stack a few of their best works into a few ‘collections’ and see if any art world luminaries Stack them. Unofficially, ArtStack is a great promotional tool; offering a chance for emerging artists to contextualize their art into the contemporary art canon.

Another reason why I mention this, is because, if there is one thing ArtStack has right now, it is contemporary art tastemakers Hans Ulrich Obrist, Vanessa Beecroft, and Dexter Dalwood all have accounts. If these art stars are actually stacking artwork, that is another story. But, overall most early Stackers are well-established art professionals.

The caliber of artwork being stacked is very high-end. In fact, the site is a compendium of what’s hot in the art world. In other words, it is filled with blue chip, museum quality art; heck, even some of the Stackers are museum worthy.

I like that I can visit the ArtStack to discover new art, as well as, rediscover great art, and of course, stack art to my virtual collection. The only way to explore this site is to sign up. So take me up on the invitation I am offering you.

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