Learning to Love You More


Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s “Learning to Love You More” (LTLYM) is an interactive website and an art project, a series of exhibitions and do-it-yourself assignments. It is image, text, and sound; it is film, photography, and performance. And most important, it is accessible to anyone who wants to contribute to it.

The exhibition displayed at Bumbershoot 2007 chronicled, the Oliver family, working to complete all 63 of the assignments. An eclectic bunch: dad, Mike fixes antique clocks; mom, Carol is working on the 737 for Boeing; son, Nigel helps run the local Greenpeace office, and Pete will be a freshman at Nova next year. The youngest girls, Syd and Mary, are just chillin’ out over the summer, excited to be doing such fun art with the rest of their family.

The result are moving, hilarious and oddly brilliant, creating a pop culture collage that tells a larger story about life today. As the Oliver’s complete the eclectic array of assignments such as number 9: “Draw a constellation from someone’s freckles,” or number 56: “Make a portrait of your friends desires.” Each assignment is so vibrant that the Oliver’s feel compelled to respond.

July and Fletcher intended to create an engaging, heartwarming, idea sparking exhibition sure to inspire, teach, and entertain. And if only for a moment through the act of creation, to ease life in the Oliver household, making life seem wonderfully easy to live and love by creating zany artworks.

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