People Watching at the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Both times, I have gone to the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk I have met up with friends to some fun while checking the art. The first time, I saw some interesting street art, a few good paintings and some decent photographs. On my second visit, last week, however, I spent more time gawking at the estranged and eclectic crowd that filled the streets and the galleries than I did the art.

I believe this happened because the art walk is a community spirited event  that encourages all to participate and attend, by having a very loose definition of what art is. In turn, making the art on display a hodgepodge of good and bad.

All photographs © Juan Madrigal

And yes, like many people before me and after me, I went to the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, with the idea that I was going to view art inside, but rather, the art was on the streets, it was the people.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! Half the fun of the Art Walk is people watching. Let’s hope they get it back up and running so that we can all enjoy a bit more of the artsy goers.

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