Interview: Montreal Street Artist, Stikki Peaches


AI: Why are you called Stikki Peaches?

SP: Aiming for the fence off the first question?!!? I like you…

AI: What’s up with your statement “What if Art Ruled the World?”

SP: i was curious about as to what another person would answer to this question! For me the answer to this is very simply because i’m able to express myself with what i’m truly inspired by, from my youth to this very day. Art heals, inspires, influences, changes, lasts, or doesn’t, but its seen across the universe from different eyes and minds, telling different stories, here’s mine…


AI: How did you come up with your Batman and James Bond superhero mash up character we see plastered around Montreal?

SP: I wanted to combine two influential figures from my childhood. The hours I spent pretending to be the dark knight, the vigilante superhero not everyone approves of, while being able to change it up and become the timeless classy assed sex bomb we know as 007, who gets all the ladies, plays with the coolest 1 of a kind gadgets and saves the world from all that is evilwaitwho cares, bring me the chicks and gadgets while wearing a sharp suit and mask all day everyday.

AI: Did you decide not to meet me because you didn’t want to reveal your true identity?

SP: Yes…and because theres a good chance you’d fall madly in love with me and my stikkiness, so Ill save you the heartache J

AI: Do you feel like a superhero, keeping your identity hidden from me?

SP: I dont feel like a superhero, I am one.

AI: If you saw me on the street would you say hello?

SP: Yes of course. Assuming we actually knew each other, if not it would kinda be a little weird.


AI: Did you study art in University?

SP: nope

AI: I noticed you went to Europe over the summer, how did you find the street art scene there compared to here?

SP: Its more accessible in the sense that theres a lot more happening. Wheatpaste, murals, graff, stencils, sculptures, installations etc It keeps changing and evolving, but at the same time theres so much of it around, you just gotta find the right spots for your work to be seen. Europe is a great melting pot for street art or urban art in generalIm planning my next trip at this very moment.

AI: How did you manage to hook up with Olek over the summer in Montreal?

SP: Through a common friend and street artist in Brooklyn. Enzo from Enzo&Nio. Olek was heading to Montreal for a gallery show and wanted to do some street work on her down time ( this woman doesnt sleep ) She was inspired by some of my work, we got together, and the rest is crocheted history.

AI: Do you think there is a difference between Street Art and tagging?

SP: Sure there is, mainly the time it takes to put a piece together. There are some highly skilled writers all over the world that have been spreading their craft for decades. This too has evolved into fine art, where as before it may have been seen as acts of vandalism , graffiti or as throw ups. If were talking bombing on the other hand ( tagging for no reason ) over pieces because the sharpie in your pocket is bigger than the one in your pants,  well thats a whole other story.


AI: Have you ever been caught by the police wheatpasting?

SP: Im good a what I do

AI: Do your friends and family know you’re Stikki Peaches?

SP: A select few, which I can trust and count on

AI: When you’re not Stikki Peaches what do you do?

SP: I like to cookor at least trysometimes nakedits a whole other creative process.

AI: You’re really popular on Instagram. Do you think do you think social media is working for you or against you? #stikkipeaches

SP: It always helps. Social media is all around us in our everyday lives. Weve adapted to it so quickly that its hard to imagine it not being around. I enjoy both the good and the bad sides of it. It balances out. #FuckFacebook


AI: Who is your favorite artist?

SP: I enjoy different types of artists, singers, song writers, actors, painters, etc. I think youre an artist as well. Did we just become best friends?

AI: Where is your favorite place to see Street Art?

SP: I have a love affair with London, but Berlin is quite special as well.

AI: What are you working on right now?

 SP: A few things brewing. Comissioned pieces, street work, new projects that I cant really speak of at the moment. Lots of exciting stuff happening for 2013. I bet you like all this mystery huh? Go on, admit it, it turns you on!

AI: Do you collect anything?

SP: Not since I was a kid. Although I recently came across a box of old vintage toys from the 80s at my folks house, and let me tell you, I felt like I was 9-10 yrs old all over again.

AI: So now what?

SP: Im not surecall me, maybe?

All photographs © Juan Madrigal


  1. Great interview Merriah! Stikki Peaches is an amazing artist – glad to read more about him!

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