Street Art: Medellin, Colombia

You can find Street Art in the urban areas of almost every country in the World. In Medellin, Colombia, this controversial art movement is rapidly gaining momentum in underused public spaces throughout the city. Artists working with urban expressions like stencils, wheat paste, stickers and mixed techniques have invigorated the dull abandoned buildings and barren concrete structures with dynamic installations.

Four years ago, when we visited Medellin, we only noticed tags (jiffy marker and spray paint scribbles) often done by gangs to mark their territory. But, today, in Medellin, the city’s public spaces are bursting with art and it is no longer just little gang bangers marking their territory.

The street art we found has a distinctive style, it is cheeky, colorful and often politically charged. And, it is obviously different than the art we find in the streets of North American cities: Montreal, Los Angeles, or New York.

In the area surrounding the MAMM, artists were given the opportunity to legally create installations, as you will see below. The artwork helps to invigorate the area around the museum to give it an artsy feel.

Throughout the city in various neighborhoods, I found many installations.

I am thankful, Medellin is now safe enough (heck it’s probably safer than most American cities) to wonder the streets with a big fancy camera and take photographs of this ever-morphing ephemeral art movement. I guess this why there is so much high caliber street art to be found.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into the art that is emerging in the street of Medellin, Colombia. Let me know what you think!

photographs © Juan Madrigal

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  1. For many who have heard of Medellín, Colombia, the name brings to mind the drug-related violence of the 1980s and 1990s, when it was often described as the most dangerous city in the world. Over the last decade, Medellín has worked hard to change its image. The local government is investing in education and social programs, and the city recognizes the importance of providing an integrated public transportation system as the backbone of these projects. Medellín is becoming famous for innovative sustainable transport. Recent efforts to modernize public transit, create better public spaces and improve safety are helping transform the city.

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