Visiting Museo De Antioquia, Medellin Colombia

While on vacation early this year, I visited Museo De Antioquia in Medellin Colombia. The museum houses an amazing art collection that documents Colombia’s history beginning from pre-colombian to Contemporary art. As a foreigner, I became intrigued by the artwork of two Colombian Artists: Francisco Antonio Cano and Carlos Uribe.

Horizontes (1914) by Francisco Antonio Cano

In 1914, Francisco Antonio Cano painted what would become one Colombia’s most emblematic artworks, Horizontes. In the painting, a young peasant couple sits on hilltop: the woman cradling a baby in her arms and the man is holding an axe and pointing to the unknown land in the horizon. It is a monumental gesture Cano paints, the colonial dream of opening a new agricultural frontier through hard work that will provide the foundation for a prosperous future.

Horizontes (1997) by Carlos Uribe

The work of Carlos Uribe Horizontes, 1997 is an appropriated version of Cano’s Horizontes, developed by digital media and printed on canvas. The reference Cano’s Horizontes, is strengthened, not only because it retains its title, but even the same signature and date. Now, however, Uribe updated Cano’s emblematic painting by adding a plane in the horizon spraying illicit crops. Carlos Uribe takes the entire burden of meaning that maybe discovered in Cano, not to refer to the past but to raise the dramatic problems of the present.

Both paintings are part of the permanent collection in Museo De Antioquia. Although they are not in the same collection.



    So glad to see some one visiting Medellin having interest in the works of my great grand father !
    thanks for this blog!

  2. Andrea

    Hey, where you from? I read your blog and was really interesting know that you visit Medellin, I live there, and actually i’m studying Arts, and I have to do a little essay about Francisco Antonio Cano, and thats why I found your blog,reading about it, I glad that you came to Medellin and that you liked the art and all the things. Greetings

    • Hi Andrea,
      My boyfriend is from Medellin; however, we live in Montreal, Quebec Canada. That is great that you live in Medellin, it is such a beautiful city. I cannot wait to return and visit the museum again.
      Thanks for your comment.

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