We are all connected: Rope + Thread=ism

On the weekend, I checked out Rope + Thread=ism a large-scale exhibition at St-Brigide de Kildaire, an abandoned church in the Gay Village. Organized by IQ gallery, the exhibition displayed an eclectic array of paintings, sculptures, photos and installations by emerging artist K. Atiq.

Almost each night, the exhibition transformed into an interdisciplinary art venue as local dancers, circus performers, and musicians held performances. “The project, expresses that rope, thread and ‘ism’ explore connectedness as we participate in a movement and the continuity of all things,” says organizer Amy Lilian. Each artist, who collaborates became a metaphorical piece of thread used to weave a rope.’”

This exhibition brought together Montreal’s often-fragmented artistic community, by providing creators with a space, in which creation can find a different and new way of expressing cultural ideas.

Viewing art inside such an ornate catholic church makes the experience of viewing art even more transcendental. And, if the exhibition hadn’t already finished, I would tell you to go and experience this massive exhibition. Amy Lilian isn’t sure when IQ’s next exhibition will happen, but I am sure this isn’t their last.

Did you have a chance to catch any of the performances held during Rope + Thread=ism? If so, let me know what you thought.

All photographs © Juan Madrigal

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